Symatri’s products harness the power of blockchain technology by connecting businesses and the influence of individuals across the world through a revolutionary system.

The concept of symmetry has timeless appeal, and is important in mathematics, science, nature, architecture, music, the arts, and literature. Symmetry refers to a sense of balance, proportion, and harmony.

Sym- means together or with

We believe that there is a unique strength when a system works in harmony, which creates powerful synergy and momentum.

Tri means three

The Symatri system is composed of three key components—the Wallet, Blockchain, and the Kala Coin. These, just like the vertices of a triangle, work together. The triangle is one of the strongest shapes structurally, able to maintain its integrity under pressure. All three of Symatri’s components work together in a strong, unified system.

Symatri has been able to reach diverse markets with a speed that surpassed other partnerships, so that we could begin implementing our system in the world as soon as possible.

The Symatri technology can be licensed for use for businesses in every industry imaginable.

The Kala Coin launched with an ICO that began on July, 2018.


Symatri’s mission is to provide trusted, reliable, diversified ways to earn while bridging the gap between consumer and business.