Symatri is excited to announce a valuable benefit for CORE members: Retail Rewards.

Through the Retail Rewards portal in CORE, Members can earn points for online shopping that they already do at hundreds of online retailers. For example, if you shop online at Bed Bath & Beyond, you simply go through Retail Rewards and get up to 4.2% back in points on your purchase. Retail Rewards is another simple way for Symatri members to earn.

CORE Members can receive Retail Rewards alerts and notifications by downloading a:

  • Retail Rewards Google Chrome Extension for desktop shoppers
  • Retail Rewards App for IOS devices
  • Retail Rewards App for Android devices

Before downloading these software options, you must first create your Retail Rewards account.

How to Get Started with Retail Rewards

When you log into your CORE account, you can get into Retail Rewards four ways:

  1. Top Nav Bar
  2. Side Dropdown Nav
  3. Right side banner ad
  4. Retail Feature Offer on the Homepage

How to Create Your Retail Rewards Account

When creating your Retail Rewards account, you must use the same email address that is used for CORE. The password does not have to be the same.

On the Retail Rewards website, there are three ways to choose retailers.

  1. Click on the links to retailers from the Featured Stores on the Home Page.
  2. Search within Retail Rewards in the Nav bar for any online retailers you use and choose from there.
  3. A category list is also available toward the bottom of the Home Page to search from.

Navigating the Retail Rewards Dashboard

  • Click on My Account and then click Dashboard.
    • Your Dashboard displays Pending, Available, and Lifetime points back that you’ve earned.
  • To see where you’ve earned points, click My Shopping.
    • Under Shopping Activity, you can see your recent purchases.
    • Points Back will show you which of your purchases earned points. They will be shown in USD but will be awarded to you in CORE in the equivalent point value.

Ways to Access Retail Rewards Chrome Extension & Apps

#1: Download Retail Rewards for Chrome

When you shop online, this Chrome extension allows the Retail Rewards Shopping Assistant to alert you when there is a cash back opportunity from that store. To download your Retail Reward extension:

  • Click Activate cash back when the alert pops up.

#2. Download the app for iOS or Android

  • To download the Retail Rewards app for IOS users, click here.
  • To download the Retail Rewards app for Android users, click here.

The apps function similarly to the desktop website. Search stores, deals, and categories right from your phone.