How do I sign up for CORE?

At this time, the only way to participate in CORE is through our client Nui. In 2018 we will be launching two other ways for the public to participate: 1) Free and Premium Memberships through Symatri directly, and 2) Donee, for non-profit clients who want to offer CORE to their supporters.

How do I find out more about the Kala Cryptocurrency Token?

Visit kalatoken.io for complete details, including the full white paper, ITO updates, and a variety of articles on the Kala blog.

Is Symatri an MLM?

No. Symatri licenses products to other companies, and one of our clients is Nui, an MLM company.

When does Reach go live?

CORE users can use Reach already. It will be open for other customers in the Spring of 2018.

Can Kala users purchase goods in Reach even if they aren’t on CORE?

Once we finish the integration of Kala into our Reach marketplace, all Kala users will be able to purchase goods and services. This is planned for Spring of 2018.

Will Symatri have more products?

We are currently working on perfecting the system comprised of CORE, Reach, and Kala. In the future we intend to develop and add more technology products that we can license to businesses.