Increasing Product Access through REACH Marketplace

By January 8, 2018 No Comments

As a key player in Symatri’s platform, REACH is a digital marketplace where CORE Members can redeem their earned points to purchase products, gift cards, services, etc. Symatri has exclusive partnerships that provides high end products and services at discounted prices. A few of REACH’s products include:

  • Apple Store Gift Cards
  • Walmart Gift Cards
  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • Cell Phones
  • GoPros
  • Fitbits
  • IPads
  • TV’s

3 Ways to Engage with REACH in 2018

Option #1: TODAY – REACH is currently open to current Symatri members. Members earn points through CORE, an interactive platform that provides activities where Members can earn reward points for completed activities. Once earned, members can login to REACH to purchase high quality products at discount prices.

Option #2: SPRING 2018 – REACH will open it’s marketplace doors to anyone who owns Kala starting this Spring. Kala is a unique type of crypto token because its value is immediate. This means that once REACH is open to the public, they can start spending it. CORE Members will also convert their points earned into Kala. Take advantage of our current ITO offer and purchase Kala for $0.02 USD before Group 2 closes.

Learn more about Kala, by reading our recent white paper or informative articles posted on our Kala blog.

Option #3: LATE 2018 Symatri will open its products to both Free and Premium Members. Details about this new outlet will be released later this year.

REACH is more than a marketplace. It’s where our Members enjoy their rewards for the work they’ve completed through CORE, and where Kala users can put their Kala to great use. The word “reach” means to move toward, extend toward, or stretch out for something. We integrated this definition into REACH’s day-to-day operation by consistently adding new products and services that benefit our valued Members.

For more information about what REACH offers our Members, visit our FAQ page.