Kala Coin


What is Kala?

Kala is a cryptocurrency built on a fork of the Bitcoin open-source protocol that will integrate seamlessly within the Symatri ecosystem and has multiple levels of value. Kala’s advisory team has been focused on building the framework to support a thriving ecosystem that will provide real, long-lasting value.

The Symatri ecosystem is made up of several components, each working to support the life and longevity of Kala and build opportunity for the Kala community.

The ecosystem includes: Kala’s unique blockchain, the Kala coin, the Kala Wallet, mining through pre-configured hardware or fractional mining contracts, Kala Deals, the Kala user network, and additional applications within and outside of the ecosystem.

Kala Coin is a crypto currency issued from the Kala Blockchain. The blockchain and its accompanying coin were created from the beginning with the very distinct purpose of attribution.

Whether it’s art, music, certificates, degrees, titles, or a simple insurance policy, it can all be validated and secured on the blockchain. The transparency and security of the blockchain make it a perfect environment for irrefutable digital notarization.

The Kala Coin has an extreme demand because when anything is notarized on
this blockchain, the coin is required to complete the ledger entry.

KALA is currently listed on two exchanges paired as KALA/USDT. A third listing is in progress, visit kalacoin.io for more details.