What is Kala?

Kala is an Ethereum-based utility token that integrates seamlessly within the Symatri ecosystem and has inherent value from the onset.

The Kala economy is simple:

Step 1:
Members Earn Points by Completing CORE Activities

Step 2:
Members Transfer CORE Points into Kala

Step 3:
Members Can Spend Kala in REACH Marketplace

Kala lets anyone have cryptocurrency buying power through Reach. Kala is also widely accessible and easily understandable, unlike many other cryptocurrencies. Anyone with internet access can earn Kala with Symatri’s unique way of “mining” through Proof of Effort. This makes the token accessible to the masses. In addition, there’s no roomful of servers, no expensive buy-in to mining pools. It doesn’t take special knowledge or equipment. In fact, anyone with a computer or smartphone can participate.

The Kala ITO is currently in progress, visit kalatoken.io for full details and to participate.