Maximizing CORE Efforts

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CORE provides members an opportunity to earn rewards for sharing their opinion with businesses of all types. This connection is created through simple, quick, and user friendly marketing activities. Symatri is dedicated to providing activities that both interest and benefit our members. Upon initial sign-up, members participate in a survey that identifies both demographic and personal interests. We utilize this information to customize the offers presented to you.

CORE earning growth is completely controlled by each member. The more activities you complete, the more you earn. Each marketing activity is designed for fast completion with no prior experience or training required. (Access to the internet is needed) Some of these activities include:

  • Downloading Apps
  • Playing Games
  • Product Testing
  • Watching Videos
  • Completing Surveys
  • Submitting Reviews

Each completed activity earns points that can be redeemed in REACH for products. REACH is a digital marketplace offering high end products and services at discounted prices. Starting Spring 2018, points can be transferred into our Kala cryptocurrency token that can also be used to purchase goods and services on REACH.

Navigating CORE Offers

The CORE dashboard gives direct access to all offers, with new ones added regularly. Listed on your dashboard are:

  • Top Surveys
  • Top Offers
  • Top Apps

Each of these sections outline the three highest earning offers available in that category. Top Offers are designed to help members earn the most points in the quickest way possible. To make finding offers easier for our members, offers are ordered in point value, highest to lowest. Navigation tabs are placed at the top of the site to help you find all the Surveys, Offers, Apps, and Videos. For more information about how CORE works, and visit our FAQ page. (Must be logged in to CORE to access)

Creating an Instant Access Cryptocurrency

Our Kala token launched in Nov. 2017 through an ITO that will close on March 15, 2018. Kala stands out from other crypto coins, because unlike most cryptocurrencies, Kala’s value is immediate when REACH opens in Spring 2018. Kala also provides access to anyone with internet access through your CORE points, or proof of effort. In preparation for REACH’s opening, the public can purchase Kala now for only $0.02 USD, while Group 2 supplies last! To learn more about and purchase Kala, click the button below.