Lehi, Utah–With Kala’s ITO ending March 15, 2018, over 814 million Kala were sold, earning an impressive $8.5 million among 6,400 purchasers. Because Kala is designed to give people direct access to the crypto market, Kala’s advisory team is dedicated to taking the optimal steps to protect their Kala community.

Navigating through today’s turbulent crypto space has brought about a new direction and opportunity for Kala. Kala’s advisory team is excited to announce plans to move Kala from an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain to its own unique blockchain built as a fork of Bitcoin. After extensive research and consulting some of the world’s best technology, legal, and business advisors, Kala’s team is excited to take this innovative step. Some of the benefits of moving Kala to its own blockchain include:

  • A more stable and stronger foundation than ERC20 tokens
  • Provides more validity and sustainability as we get Kala on crypto exchanges
  • Solidly places Kala in compliance with SEC guidelines and potential future regulation
  • People will be able to mine Kala through mining hardware or through Symatri’s CORE platform
  • Increases the level of decentralization within Kala’s blockchain network
  • Users can more directly support and impact the success of the Kala ecosystem
  • Proof of work that provides effective rewards and trusted transactions

Creating and building a new Kala blockchain is a perfect next step according to Symatri’s CEO, Darren Olayan. “Blockchain technology is and will be the foundation of how businesses are run,” stated Olayan. “Because we have a proven and effective ecosystem that connects to a widespread network, creating and integrating a new Kala blockchain within CORE and REACH gives Kala a proven path to take off from.”

Kala will still function in the Symatri ecosystem as laid out during the ITO, but this new direction will add more value and opportunity for the Kala community. In the coming weeks, Symatri will continue auditing all ITO transactions, solidify required steps to create Kala as a new crypto coin, and begin issuing Kala to all Kala purchasers. With each step forward, Symatri is dedicated to continuing their message of transparency within their Kala community.

“With so many crypto changes and fraudulent scams out there, we want alleviate any concerns or questions our Kala community may have,” says Symatri’s President, Reid Tanaka. “We plan to keep our community well informed as we take Kala to a new and natural place within the world’s crypto market.”

For more information and Kala updates, visit Symatri’s Kala website and blog at

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