Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are disruptive innovations sweeping across the world. They are poised to change the way we do business, transact, and communicate. The fuel behind blockchain technology is cryptocurrency mining, which also provides individuals a way to get into cryptocurrency and earn at the same time.

Symatri recently launched a special offer in CORE for Mintage Mining, a unique collaborate hash power platform that allows members to mine the most current and profitable crypto coins.

Some of the advantages of mining with Mintage include:

  • Low-cost entry to effective crypto mining
  • Utilization of an AI system that strategically mines the most profitable cryptocurrency available each week
  • Possible weekly payouts on the total number of hash power units purchased

We are pleased to add Mintage to our CORE offers and benefits. It’s another way Symatri is connecting business and individuals through a mutually empowering system.

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