Designed as a business to consumer platform, CORE is now providing new earning opportunities for our members. These upgrades have been strategically designed to educate members on how to complete various types of offers provided by Symatri’s partners. The goal of these additions is two-fold: increase membership conversions and drive confident traffic to our CORE partners. These additions include:

Featured Offers on New Homepage Design: Each homepage offer has been tested to ensure that the offer has a clear and easy to navigate conversion pathway.

Educational Tips: Every activity page includes user tips to help members have increased success when completing offers and surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, etc.

Direct Offers: Symatri partners with top companies in providing direct offers to our members. Each direct offer is featured on the homepage and includes an in-depth article that introduces the company or product, user benefits, and a step-by-step user flow to increase members’ ability to complete each direct offer.

Retail Rewards Program: CORE members can now earn points every time they make a purchase with one of our online retail partners.

Integrated New Partners: Dedicated to providing new offers daily, Symatri launched new partner offers walls and increased our marketing activities and inventory providers.

Over the next few months, Symatri will continue to add new features and earning activities, including direct access to today’s cryptocurrency market. Members will also soon be able to redeem their points for Kala, Symatri’s new crypto coin.

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