With blockchain and cryptocurrency continuing to change how the world interacts and connects with one another, Symatri recently announced the building process of Kala’s own blockchain network. Launching with a private pre-sale, the selling of Kala rigs has started off confidently, and this is only the beginning.

Symatri is excited to announce Mintage Mining as their exclusive Kala rig supplier. All Kala rigs will be purchased and shipped through Mintage Mining. Purchasers will be required to create a FREE Mintage member account and can also take advantage of these FREE member benefits:

  • Daily Rig Activity Reporting
  • No Rig Updates Required by Owner
  • User Friendly Order Process
  • FREE Access to Mintage Products–Unit Purchasing Limit of 1,000 units

Kala users will receive additional purchasing information through email and Kala’s blog and social media accounts.


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