Why Other ICOs Are Worried About Kala

By November 22, 2017 No Comments

Kala is here and it’s shaking up the cryptocurrency game. Other ICOs (initial coin offerings) are beginning to worry about Kala and what it means for them.


Most ICOs create their own cryptocurrency to help fulfill their venture funding. Typically, an ICO company has a website and a white paper, but no functional product. People buy the company’s cryptocurrency in hopes that the company takes off and the value of their cryptocurrency increases. These companies may not even launch or a year or two, making it a gamble.

Additionally, most of these ICOs do not have any value to them, especially if the company doesn’t do as well as expected. Kala, on the other hand, lets anyone have buying power right away–no matter how well the company does or not.

Kala is widely accessible and easily understandable, unlike other ICOs. It’s not bogged down by hard to understand technological lingo or only attained through buying or mining.

This puts other companies in a tough spot because the bar has been raised and new expectations are set. Kala outshines other ICOs and they know it.

For a simple look at why Kala stands out against other ICOs, here’s why:

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